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Print Happy Blog

Now that every business has a website (and a social media presence and an app) how do you leverage the full potential of your printed materials? Let’s have a look.

There’re lots of business owners and individuals who often think “do we actually need to hire a printing company, especially when we’ve got some of the resources?” The answer will always be a resounding “YES”. It’s true that the emergence of high-end design software and templates has made in-house printing a child’s play but have you ever calculated the time and energy you’d need to spend to accomplish it? Click to read the full blog and learn why it pays to outsource your print projects!

Put simply, nothing can be compared to a beautifully printed catalog when it comes to implying credibility and permanence. More and more, marketers are turning to the solid brand engagement that can only be offered by print by creating printed catalogs that are meant to be enjoyed, perused, and can be displayed even on the coffee table. So, if you’re a retailer trying to come up with a well-rounded story of your brand, it’s perhaps the best time to explore printed catalogs to take the success of your entrepreneurial endeavor to the next level.

Even in the digital age, print's time-tested and proven effectiveness deserve to be part of your next campaign.

Printed Marketing Material is essential for any business. Learn why printed marketing material such as flyers, brochures, catalogs, and business cards play an important part in any marketing strategy. Then contact your premier Plano Printer for outstanding print quality that has a lasting impact with your clients.