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Why is Four Color Press such a print happy place? One reason is because we’ve perfected “bridging the gap” in the full color printing industry. Four Color Press is not a massive operation with huge old-fashioned presses. Nor are we a small, limited digital copy shop - we don't even have a copier. What we are is a nimble, state-of-the-art family run business that utilizes the most advanced offset technology available interlaced with a disciplined approach to quality control.


We've chosen the Heidelberg XL75 Anicolor printing press combined with laser driven file-to-plate technology to help guarantee your project will be produced with the highest quality. It’s the most environmentally responsible process in the world today. The Anicolor XL75 is the only press manufactured in the world to command a certified carbon neutral rating. While just being over one year old we were the very first commercial printing company in all of the Americas to install one. Visit the dedicated web page for this fantastic Visit the dedicated web page for this fantastic press here..


Four Color Press doesn’t replace all of your existing vendors. Instead, we are the connection between full color projects you need quickly, and the quality of true offset printing. Think of us as your Happy Medium in printing resources. Five color units can print a variety of color combinations from standard 4 color process with an aqueous coating or 4 color process and a PMS color ink or even up to 5 PMS colors in one run. Use varnish for strike through effects. The 23" x 29" sheet size is versatile; and the Anicolor XL75 can print on stock up to 32 pt. thick.


If you would like a detailed equipment list please contact us. We update and replace our technology so often that it is best to have us send the latest list to you. Better yet, have us meet with you to discuss if Four Color Press is the best fit for your needs.